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Praise for Intermagical...

Renee, Audible

Easy Bechdel test pass. I feel the positive representation vibes in this book for various groups alone should make this a much needed read. But aside from all of that, it genuinely is a fun adventure with magic and mystery and self discovery and a little romance all in there! I'm excited to see where this series goes. A quick caution for other readers who may be sensitive though- I discovered I am a little sensitive to themes of angry religious zealots, but I loved how the author handled those aspects of the plot, and the very ending of the book the author lovingly explained her relative who inspired her to write this and I just wept. The authors kind heart seems to be woven throughout the whole book.

Jenny, Amazon

Found the author on TikTok and had to read her book. Girl! This is amazing! I can not WAIT for the next book! In my opinion, this book speaks to every woman’s inner child and totally validates the internal magic we all possess. This feeds my neurodivergent brain and I want more!

Wendy, Amazon

This hidden gem is an absolutely brilliant first book by T. S. Davis. I listened to it nonstop, every waking hour, until it was finished. It is compelling, often funny, and a unique take on our world and who may be in it. If you enjoy anything about magic, faeries, and like books that pass the Bechdel test, this is the book for you. I am excitedly awaiting the second in this series. I can very easily see this book series eclipsing (no pun intended) twilight or Harry Potter as the writing and plot lines are just as (or more) intricate but don’t include the hidden (or not so hidden) isms & phobias. The author has written with modern ethos and descriptions that are refreshingly inclusive. Brava, T. S. Davis. Well done!

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