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There are secrets that have been hidden from us in plain sight. That’s what Fiona discovers, when she goes searching for her birth family, finds something much stranger than she could have imagined. A secret society of fae folk living alongside humans, an amorphous, eternal enemy that wields the sword of organized religion, and the truth about real human magic. 


Fiona’s journey changes course when she meets Faeryn, a sweet, sick, faerie princess who needs the kind of help that only someone like Fiona can provide, if she can only learn to wield her human magic in time. Luckily, she has several good teachers, including the son of a minor African fertility deity.With so many new ideas expanding her mind, it’s easy to forget what brought her here in the first place, but perhaps she’ll end up finding what she’s looking for when she least expects it. 

Intermagical Audiobook

SKU: 2000
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