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Intermagical and the New World Fae

Mongo Jerry 

Port Nassau 2023

Here's some bonus content for you, especially if you happen to be a part of the PNW Pirate Community. This slice-of-life short story fell out of me, after being requested by a particularly memorable pirate, late on Sunday at Port Nassau. 

In the world of the New World Fae, the events of this Nassau evening would take place roughly a year and a half after the conclusion of the story in Intermagical, and might end up as part of the untitled story collection that will be Book 4. 


If this is your introduction to the New World Fae, and you enjoy the short, please do check out the first book of the series. Some very familiar pirate carnivals will be showing up at the beginning and end of Book 2, coming soon. 

As always, ebook and audiobook versions available. 

Mongo Jerry - Nassau 2023
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