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Seeking magically minded marketing partner(s) 

Sometimes the best magic is putting the right people together, in the right place at the right time 


Do you have the power to wield social media with grace and authority? Are you a trendsetter, who people naturally want to listen to? Do you want to throw your own small stone in the socio-cultural battle we are in, against the forces of Capitalism, Conformity and Climate Corruption? 


...have you ever connected a little too intensely with fantasy? Do you have two particular wounds in your spirit - one from when you were 11 and didn't get it, and the other from when she betrayed us all, and proved herself to be an unrepentant bigot? If you know you know... 

If that's you, this could be your chance to be part of something that has the potential to be a powerful cultural moment. 

Okay, what is it?? 


I channeled a book, as a gift for my cousin. I didn’t realize that that was what happned when I wrote the first one, but then I wrote the second and the third, just as quickly, as though it was coming from something outside myself. From who? From what? Well, I think maybe it was from the New World Fae. The ones who came over with the first European settlers, who have been living their own lives alongside us in this (not so) New World for the last several humans generations. 


If that sounds ridiculous and you've started rolling your eyes, that is totally okay - feel free to move on now. 


If that sparks your curiosity, though, let's talk!


It's a story of an adopted girl who moves to Oregon in search of her birth family, and discovers a secret world of fae folk and magic hidden in plain sight. It’s LGBT, BIPOC and Disability inclusive, forward-thinking and progressive, and it doesn’t gate-keep - it encourages readers to find access to their own magic. And, it encourages us to take our power back and make real change in our world, even if that means breaking a few rules in the process. 


This story is aimed at the odd ones, the divergents, and it's getting extraordinary reviews and generating a lot of passion from those who have already found their way into the magic, but I need to focus on editing the second and third books in the trilogy, not on throwing spaghetti at the wall (that’s what it feels like, right now, as an uninspired marketer, trying to figure out how to connect with the right people) 


I'd like to set up a commission structure with the right person (or multiple people). Basically, if you read this book and love it, and want to help convince other people that they will love it, using any social media, channel or method you get paid for every book you help sell (we can work out the exact details in private, but the idea is that we all succeed together - I’m a faerie, not a capitalist!)


I’m not trying to swindle anybody - if it’s not for you, it’s not for you, but people ARE loving it - the Amazon reviews are evidence of that!!


If you’re interested, reach out and I can give you more information, and a free copy of the book or audiobook, so that you can see whether or not it’s something you would have the desire and ability to sell


Thank you for making it this far into the post, and taking the time to read all these words. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out, using the form below! 

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