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Do you feel like there's something that's
just a Little bit different about you? 

Do you hardly ever feel like you really fit in?

Does it seem like everybody else got a rulebook for life, and yours got lost in the mail?

The fae have something to say...

Intermagical, the brand new novel that has already touched so many of you, flowed out of me like water in only three months, from beginning to end, as though I channeled it with Awen, the preternatural inspiration of the Bards, as a gift from the fae for my faerie-identified cousin, who died of her terminal condition just 26 days before the book’s release, and now gets to live on in fiction, in the hearts and minds of those who read it. 


This story, the first from New World Fae, reminds us of the magic to be found in ourselves and our natural world, and asks us to open our eyes to the corruption of our modern culture, in which so much of our hereditary magic has been hidden from us, waiting to be reclaimed.

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