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Are you an Intermagical?


The New World Fae have something to say...   


Are you ready to hear them? 

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It's the nature of the hidden folk to stay hidden...

...But in the face of all of this darkness there are some truths that must be brought into the light.

Sometimes things happen that we can't explain...


And so it was that the novel 'Intermagical' sprang into being, as a gift, it would seem, from the fae. 

'A gift for whom?' you might ask. 

For a sweet, sick girl named Faeryn, for one. 

And, if I had to guess, perhaps also for you? 

It's a story about real magic, with truths buried in fiction, for those who open their eyes and see... 


You won't know until you try...

Audiobook Preview

"Like so many of us, I cut my teeth on Harry Potter...

...and spent much of my young life steeped in that particular world of magic.


But those of us who grew up dreaming of being wizards are older now, and we have opened our eyes to the cracks beneath the surface of that imaginary world. 


We are ready for a new story, and a new, real magic of our own, not one hidden from us on the other side of the veil. 


A magic that is inclusive and accepting of all seekers, and pointed in opposition to the real and poignant forces of evil in our world. "


Author, Intermagical

*I'm a faerie not a capitalist! Thank you so much for supporting the art, 
but if the price is an issue please reach out for a free or discounted copy

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New World Fae Volume Two

"Festival Season"

Coming Soon!

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